Thursday, 11 February 2016

Whitby High student group arrives into Capetown for I D Mkhise High, Sivive School of Skills and Sokhanyo Primary, Gugulethu

Capetonian Headteachers and their key global teachers patiently waited for the slow release of their UK twin school from International arrivals. To then find out that one British student's bag had been mistakenly taken, resulting in one very unhappy student  The atmosphere was quickly dispelled as the schools re-united after many years of international collaboration and friendships going way back.
What a week ahead is planned,with much preparation having gone before with Capetown learners working physically to clear the ground (thank you staff and learners at School of Skills) for a brand new adventure playground to be built utilising the Jungle Mania company locally. In addition an ambitious and meaningful wall mural to paint for the Sokhanyo Primary children to enjoy in the future as they play.All this has come together with commendable leadership of ID Mkhise, Sivive School of Skills and Sokhanyo's School Principals. We still await the arrival of the Zimbabwian twinned teachers and learners this Sunday to join in the action this coming week.

Welcome back to your second home Krysia and team and thank you for your passion and compassionate on-going efforts

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  1. Hi Jayne, so pleased my daughter is involved in the Whitby HS visit; an absolutely life changing experience as it was for me back in 2012 with my school Dee Banks in Chester
    Best wishes
    Ros Larkins