Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Chris Hani High's performing arts "wows" UK St Annes and ZIM Mpopama High

Despite exam pressures, the Headmaster, Madoda Mahlutshana, Darlington Sibanda ( his Zim Performing arts teacher of note) and the school management welcomed their UK and ZIM visitors - Paul Collins and Karen Perrins (Head of Arts and Performing arts teachers) together with a delighted Alexius Mangoro (Arts) and Yuki Nhnanganga (Deputy & Science) from Mpopama High.

On Monday they were treated to a day of music and performing arts by students as part of their examinations and auditions, which formed an ideal "arrival "day for them

Today they visit Alexander Sinton High, another Arts focus school with a very promising twinning partnership like theirs, to share best practice, and widen their friendships probably too, when they spend time with the Deputy Head, Adela Domingo, and her talented Visual Design teacher, Carl Jantjes. 
They are then due to head out to Robben Island, but with the way the Cape South Easter has whooped itself up, I would rather be on dry ground.... 

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